Sugihara Software & Electron Industry’s wireless sensor network system “Ubiquitous Compass” expands possibilities for new RFID solution. Small, light weight, and low energy consumption RFID device can be connect to various sensors.


・Reliable, cost-effective, low-power active wireless tag
・Compliant with IEEE802.15.4, applicable to Zigbee by updating the firmware
・Operate over distances up to 50 meters
・Multi-hop relay mode
・3 years battery life by transmitting every 5 minutes
・mounted sensor: temperature
・Additional sensor: humidity, illuminance, acceleration, strain, etc.

Wireless Eco Sensor

・Wireless environment monitoring device which mounts temperature, humidity, illuminance, atmosphere, acceleration sensors
・Liquid crystal display and wireless data transmission, data-logging with memory card
・10 years battery life with no stress for battery changes
・Many museum, temple & shrine introduces Wireless Eco Sensor to keep important cultural properties

Elecroric energy mesurement system

・Smart Grid’s key parts smart meter which changes conventional wired network to “WIRELESS” sensor network.
・By monitoring the energy consumption of office or factory in real-time, you can reduce your electricity bills and CO2 emission.
・By clipping clamps onto electricity meter, you can monitor 8 channels of your office or factory’s electricity usage remotely, from air conditioning, lightings, PC & server and machine.

Monitoring Software