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・24H SMT line operation / Saturday and Saturday operation / Morning IN ⇒ Evening OUT
・Appearance inspection after cream solder print / appearance inspection after reflow in SMT line
・BGA re-work / BGA re-balling
・SMT Reflow equipments support N2, Pb-free, RoHS
・Soldering machine supports N2, Pb-free, RoHS

Production volumeHigh/mix/low-volume / prototype
SMT line 14 lines
Soldering machine5 lines (Pb-free 2line / RoHS 3line)
PCB capabilities・Size: 50mm X 50mm up to 356mm X 456mm
・Multilayer board / Flexible printed circuits(FPC)
Reflow furnaceN2 reflow / Pb-free / RoHS
Flow soldering machine  N2 reflow / Pb-free / RoHS
Device capabilities・Chip size: 0201(minimum) / 03015 chip ~
・BGA: 0.8mm pitch, 0.5mm pitch
・CSP: 0.3mm pitch, 0.4mm pitch
・QFP: 0.4mm pitch

SSEI’s Soldering technology for each industry

IPC standard: Class Ⅱ+ α
■Telecom: infrastructure installation
■Auto: vehicle body control
IPC standard: Class Ⅲ
■Airline: airframe control system
■Motor race: Formula class
■Semiconductor production equipment:Gas control unit

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